Does China have poor quality?

Surely you ever heard statements such as: “in China only manufactures trash” or “all the products of China are of poor quality.” It says a lot of people. It is mentioned in numerous sites on the Internet. And is that the myth of the product garbage chinese is quite widespread.

However, these comments usually come from people with little or no knowledge of China, nor of its economy, or its business fabric. Or people who have had a bad experience with a product manufactured in that country.

When importing from China: you can buy your product with higher or lower quality, and that will depend on your investment, in large part.

There are also other essential aspects in more advanced stages of the import process. However, you should always be you who set the quality of your product prior to import from China.

Many well-known brands manufacture their products in China. In fact, it is likely that right now to take to start any garment manufactured in China. And almost with total security, your computer since you are reading this article, if it has not been manufactured there, some internal component was assembled in China.

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