How to import from China to Chile so safe with Alibaba and Aliexpress

In the first place, we're going to start with Alibaba, and we are going to learn How to buy in Alibaba Chile? To do this, we start registrándonos, a fairly simple process and should not take much time. When you already have a user ready, you have to start to search for products and for this, you just have to go to the search bar, enter the product you're looking for, and ready.

By doing this you will show the results of the product that you are looking for, and you can proceed to choose from. If you want your search to be less tedious, we recommend to filter the data on the product with the options on the left side of the store. In this way, you can indicate the type of product, the amount, the provider and many more details.

When you choose the product that you want to click on its title and I will send it to the details of the same, for example, forms of payment, the price of the item, quantity available, etc, An important point to mention is that, already at this point we are talking about to import from China a product, because in Alibaba, most suppliers are from that country.

A recommendation is that you make a contribution to different vendors or manufacturers. In addition, you should treat those future suppliers have certification levels quite high on the site of purchase wholesaler. For example, are Gold members or Verified and, if possible, to have insurance to buy protected Alibaba (Trade Assurance).

Always try to contact with those chinese suppliers to ask them for a catalog price of their products, be possible that they are on FOB value. On the other hand, make sure that you send technical features, pictures and everything you want to know the product that you are purchasing.

For the process of purchase you have to be a little ready and negotiate with the supplier in China.

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